PLF 2022 - Call for Submissions - Programming Language Support for Local-first Software

The workshop on programming language support for local-first software is looking for submissions [1]. Join us at ECOOP in Berlin on the 6th & 7th of June.

Local-first software runs and stores its data locally while still allowing collaboration, thus retaining the benefits of existing collaborative applications without depending on the cloud. However, such solutions are not as easy to develop as we would like and we believe that exploration of better integration into programming languages could yield tremendous advancements.
In particular, the versatility of the Scala language makes it a great candidate to explore and combine many solutions in a diverse set of environments.

We are looking for proposals for talks that present existing systems, new ideas, and in progress research. Submission deadline is 2022-04-01: end of the month!

[1] PLF 2022 - Programming Local-first Software - ECOOP 2022