Play framework and PostgreSQL database

Hey All,
I’m new to scala(just a month of learning).
I’m also new to play framework and APl’s.
I want to know how to create a play postgres sample APl.
someone please help me, I’ve tried to read documentation but as a Beginner it’s not helping.
anyone know about it ==> share your knowledge …

Please refer to the Slick it’s a Typesafe FRM library it will make your life easy with with JDBC in Scala projects, I have attached the playSlick documentation link please refer it its well explained.

Understanding about the API there are tons of resources out there, the following ScalaRouting will be helpful to getting started with the routes for handing different requests.

I think it will give you some kind of grounds to getting started

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If you want something that walks you through a fair bit of Play development, including databases, and is aimed at people learning web development you might consider going through my playlist: