Packages use cases question

I know the use case of actor system such as Akka because I know something about Erlang.
For Cats, cats effect, ZIO, FS2… and their echo systems. What’re their use cases?


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“Programs as Values” is a very general programming language.
It can be used to write almost anything, just like any general purpose programming language.

Having said that, it is true that given their overhead (both the learning curve and runtime cost) they shine on complex codebases (specially highly concurrent ones) and are probably not best suited for small scripts, games and maybe UI development.

Personally, I love the clarity and refactoring capabilities that the paradigm give me thus I use it almost everytime.

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I know a local big game company has been using AKKA for their new game development. A lot of game companies developed their products using Erlang. So I think scala Akka has big possibility too. :slight_smile:

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Akka as you said, is an actor system. Which is a very different paradigm than programs as values.

I in fact was one of the moderators in rabbitmq forum. I know some erlang programming, but not that familiar with it. :slight_smile:

Re: what-are-effect-systems for, Daniel Spiewak gave a really excellent keynote on this just yesterday, at Scala Love. I can’t imagine a better introduction to the subject. Hopefully I’ll remember to come back to this thread and post a link once video becomes available.


Strong +1 to that – Daniel’s talk starts with “this is how processors and threads work”, builds its way up through topics like Async, Futures, microservices architecture and back-pressure, and gets to making a pretty compelling case that effect systems are the sanest way to construct modern backend services. Really excellent presentation.


Is that talk available for free public viewing?

My impression is that it will be (Scala Love is a free conference anyway, so it’s not like they are too worried about it), but it was only yesterday – it’ll presumably take a while to get all the video files processed.

Well, you can’t charge for love – or can you?

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I have heard “money can’t buy me love”, but … Given @jducoeur’s remark on the timing, it’s probably just that “you can’t hurry love”. :wink: :musical_note:

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Available here.