Online courses for Scala 3

Hello Scala users!

As the release of Scala 3.0.0 is coming, here is some information about its impact on our online courses.

  • We plan to update all the existing courses of the Scala specialization and Programming Reactive Systems to Scala 3.0.0 as soon as possible after the release. Most of these courses will be updated a few days after the release of Scala 3.0.0. However, the courses that use Spark will have to wait for a few more months since there is no stable release of Spark that supports Scala 2.13 or Scala 3.0.0 yet (so, these courses will stay on Scala 2.12 in the meantime).

  • We will publish a new Scala 3 course, Effective Programming in Scala, a few days after the release of Scala 3.0.0. The goal of this course is to train non-Scala programmers to become professional Scala programmers. It requires no background in Scala. It covers a wide range of topics, from the basic syntax of the language, to business domain modeling, using the standard library, writing tests, error handling, and using build tools. Check out its syllabus and don’t hesitate to mention it to your employer!

  • As previously discussed, we will keep the Scala 2 version of our existing courses online for some time after the release of Scala 3, so that companies that are currently working on a Scala 2 codebase can still benefit from this material to train their employees. In practice, there will be two URLs for every course: a URL that points to the Scala 2 version, and a URL that points to the Scala 3 version.

We are excited to enter into the new era of Scala 3 soon! Please feel free to post any question in this thread :smiley:



I’m happy to share that we have just launched our new course, Effective Programming in Scala. The Scala center team is currently finishing updating to Scala 3 the courses of the Scala specialization.

You can read more about that in this blog post, and you can learn more about the course Effective Programming in Scala in this video.