On the road to understanding F-Bounded Polymorphism

Before even getting to F-bounded Polymorphism there is construction that underpin it that i already have a hard time to understand.

trait Container[A]
trait Contained extends Container[Contained]

That construction which seem to be a trivial object oriented thing to do as it also exist in java, is already slightly puzzling me.

The issue is that when i see this trait Contained extends Container[Contained] it feels like an infinite type recursion to me.

When we define the type List even tho we have Cons[A](a:A, tail:List[A]), we also have case object Nil. So the recursion can end with Nil.

But here, i don’t understand how we are not in an infinite recursion ? And why it works.

Can someone care to un-confused me about it ? Or if there is any documentation, blog, or whatever can explain how this works, or maybe is implemented.

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