Northeast Scala Sympsium is in less than two weeks!

The Northeast Scala Symposium will be returning, online this year, on October 26-28 from 9am - 4pm ET! That includes:

  • The Typelevel Summit on Thursday,
  • NE Scala on Friday,
  • and the Scala Unconference on Saturday

That’s three full days of learning and discussion about the language, ecosystem, and community!

The schedule has now been finalized (bar any necessary tweaks, of course), and tickets are available for only $10. The schedule and tickets can be found at

And it isn’t just passive listening on Zoom: the conference is being held in SpatialChat and Discord, so there will be ample opportunities to meet and hang out with the rest of the Scala community in between talks.

It’s the most conference for your dollar anywhere, and the return of the friendliest conference in the Scala community. (It’s a small, all-volunteer conference, so we just run it at cost – and with it being all online this year, “cost” isn’t very much.)

So get your ticket today, and come join us in a couple of weeks! And please spread the word – it’ll be lovely to get to see y’all again!

And related to that: we’re still looking for a few more participants for the “Improving Diversity in the Scala Community” roundtable. Please spread the word – if you’re a member of an under-represented community in programming (women, BIPOC, LGBT+, neurodiverse, etc) and would be interested in joining in a discussion of how we might better attract, support, and retain a more diverse group of folks, please drop me a note at [email protected]. Thanks!

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