New book on functional and concurrent programming

This is a shameless plug for my book Functional and Concurrent Programming: Core Concepts and Features ( from Addison-Wesley Professional.

This is not a Scala book per se, but almost all the code illustrations are in Scala 3 (with bits of Java and Kotlin here and there). If you feel that your difficulties with Scala stem from being new with FP and CP concepts (e.g., recursion, immutability, higher-order functions, futures, etc.), then this book is for you! You can read it to learn about these concepts while getting used to Scala syntax at the same time. (Two chapters—on higher-order functions and futures—can be downloaded for free from the website.)

(On the other hand, if you’re an OCaml or Haskell programmer already comfortable with the concepts, and you are just switching to Scala, you’re not my target audience. Programming in Scala by Odersky et al. remains an excellent reference.)