Need scala code for below Lab requirement

Write a code to generate the first input multiples of 5 integers from 5 . If 3 is the input, the list must be List(5, 10, 15). Using the for loop, create an yieldedList with yield which contains elements smaller than 50 and are odd integers. Using another for loop, print all the multiples of 3 in the yieldedList .

scala ForComprehensions2 3 .

Output will be:
List(5, 15)

I suspect that the point of the exercise is probably that you figure it out for yourself.


I am trying but without any luck, trying to go through the material as well but not able to convert that in code and the thing is that i need this code to proceed with lab and other learning module. so any help in providing the code is much appreciated.
Thank You.

You can use if in a for comprehension to filter out elements that you don’t want.

E.g. in the following code only numbers for which the fictional function keepNumber returns true will be yielded to a new list.

for(x <- list if keepNumber(x)) yield x

Checking if a number is a multiple of some other number is usually done with the modulo operator %. % complements the division operator /./ returns the quotient while % returns the remainder. If x % y returns 0 that means that x is a multiple of y.