Need help in scala library

Hey i am trying to build scala library twitter’s snowflake id generator which is written in scala by using maven.but i constantly failed.anyone can help.

We might be able to help.

Can you provide a link to the code you’re trying to build?

Can you show what command you tried and how it failed?

also asked at

yes, i asked.

this repo, i tried to build.

That’s some ancient code. It was written in Scala 2.9, a version of Scala 2.9 that is no longer in use anywhere, to my knowledge, and hasn’t been for some years now. No modern tooling supports it anymore.

You might eventually be able to get it to build on some more modern version, but it could be quite a long slog. If the code had no dependencies it might not be so hard, but I see in the pom.xml that it does depend on a bunch of libraries in the Twitter stack.

What is your underlying reason for trying to exhume the corpse of this long-dead library?

Don’t worry.i done it.

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You’re welcome. (Note that I moved your new question to a new thread.)

Thank you for your help