NE Scala going online-only

tl;dr: NE Scala is still on, but we’re going online-only.

Suffice it to say, things are changing very quickly, due to COVID-19 worries. Many attendees (including many of the speakers and organizers) have been asked by their employers not to travel or attend conferences for the time being. And this afternoon, due to a significant outbreak, nearby Westchester County announced a “containment zone”.

In light of this, it looks like the responsible course of action is to change tack, step back from the in-person conference, and instead double down on the online side of the conference.

We have already been planning on having many of the presenters streamed in using Zoom, and providing live-streaming for conference attendees who couldn’t make it; we also have a Slack community for real-time discussion of the presentations, and generally meeting and chatting about Scala. So we’re going to focus on providing the best possible virtual conference, using those channels.

We apologize to those who are inconvenienced by this (many of us are in the same boat), but we hope you’ll still join us on Thursday, Friday and Saturday! We still have a great lineup of talks, and we’re looking forward to lively discussions around them. It isn’t going to be quite the conference that we had planned, but it will still be a lot of fun for everyone!

Stay tuned for more details about online-conference logistics.

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