Molecule 0.16.1: a meta-DSL for the Datomic database

Hi all,

Just released v0.16.1 of the meta-DSL library Molecule (Github | Gitter | Docs) that makes it intuitive and type-safe in Scala to access the Datomic accumulate-only database where you can also query data back in time.

Molecule is a “meta-DSL” in that it generates boilerplate code from your initial schema definition so that
you can intuitively use the tokens of your domain as the core building blocks of queries and transactions:

  // Asynchronously get Person data and related Address, 
  1 second
) === List(
  ("Lisa", 20, "Broadway"),
  ("John", 22, "Fifth Avenue")

Compare Molecule syntax with: SQL, Slick, Datalog, Gremlin.

Hope you’ll give it a spin! Any feedback is welcome.


Marc Grue

Highlights of Molecule:

  • Intuitively use your domain terms as query tokens
  • Fully implemented Sync/Async APIs
  • Model any RDBMS, Graph, Document, KV-store etc.
  • Datalog queries for Datomic built at compile time
  • Nested queries of hierarchical data
  • Atomic transaction functions
  • Add meta data to transactions
  • Cross-cutting associative relationships
  • Developed and tested over the last 4 years (reached some maturity)
  • Fully documented (Docs)

Highlights of Datomic:

  • Fully transactional, cloud-ready, distributed database
  • Elastic scaling
  • Built-in caching - extremely low latency
  • Built-in auditing - query entire history of data
  • ACID-compliant transactions
  • Flexible and sound data model