Missing dependency 'object scala.native in compiler mirror'

I used scala-compiler.jar to compile an embedded Scala program
This scala program imports a class written using jni

  • The code is as follows
class test{
def test(ctx: ContractContext): ActionResult = {
    val s = new DllTest

DllTest is a jni application

  • The error is as follows
error: error while loading Object, Missing dependency 'object scala.native in compiler mirror', required by /modules/java.base/java/lang/Object.class

Failed to initialize compiler: object scala in compiler mirror not found.
** Note that as of 2.8 scala does not assume use of the java classpath.
** For the old behavior pass -usejavacp to scala, or if using a Settings
** object programmatically, settings.usejavacp.value = true.

Anyone knows the reason? And how to solve the problem? Thanks for shedding some lights on it

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