Mill/ with JCuda

I am trying to include jcuda via using:


Running mill xjvm.compile gives me an error of:

1 targets failed
xjvm.resolvedIvyDeps Failed to load source dependencies
  not found:${jcuda.os}-${jcuda.arch}.jar

Question: How do I set jcuda.os=linux and jcuda.arch=x86_64 ?

I think you should not include the jcuda-natives directly, this dependency is resolved from jcuda transitively.

Try to set these as system properties when starting mill, something along the lines of mill -Djcuda.os=linux -Djcuda.arch=x86_64.

Alternatively, just download the jars and put it into the lib folder of your project. Then follow the instructions for unmanaged dependencies here: Scala/Mill: Step 3, Adding Multiple Dependencies |

This is not a Scala question really. You might ask on the Mill gitter channel.