Migrate from Maven to SBT

We have a legacy Java project based on Maven. And now we want to migrate from maven to SBT. Our primary issue is that Java project is still developing, so we are looking for a solution that could have less intrusion to the legacy Java project. Ideally it’s just adding a build.sbt and from there build.sbt can read pom.xml configuration and use that Java project as it were. But searching on the internet doesn’t find such information. So we would like to hear if any advises or practices on this.


If I understand it right then you want to keep the project buildable with Maven as well. In that case, why not just use the Scala Maven Plugin instead? If you wanted to keep everything in sync between the two build systems then you wouldn’t be able to use SBT plugins anyway.

Alternately you could include paulp’s sbt launcher in the repo, which would require existing developers to change their workflow slightly, but would not require any manual software installation.