Maybe this is a compiler bug?

I have created a file on Scastie, which exhibits what I think is a compiler bug.

What do I need to do to file a bug report?

The problem is that the compiler issues an error without giving a line number, so it was really difficult to track down where the error was coming from.

The error seems to be triggered by pattern matching a unary constructor but by mistake using a var-args syntax.

On line 411

            case NotType(EqlType(_@_*)) => false

I am pattern matching NotType(EqlType(_@_*)) but it should be NotType(EqlType(_)).
There is no var-args constructor for EqlType.

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Compiler bug reports go to .

We ask that you:

  • Search first and make a reasonable effort to be sure it isn’t a duplicate report.
  • Minimize it to the absolute bare minimum amount of code needed to reproduce the bug. Typically 5–10 lines are all that’s really needed. Often a single line is enough.

There are further reporting guidelines in the repo readme.