Managing configuration on multi project

I am trying to build a multi project
I have the following dependencies
val scalaTest = "org.scalatest" %% "scalatest" % scalaTestV % Test

I have a TestBase class :

        trait TestBase extends Eventually
          with ScalaFutures
          with Matchers
          with OptionValues
          with WordSpecLike
          with MockFactory
          with BeforeAndAfterEach
          with BeforeAndAfterAll 

defined in commons/src/main/test/src/TestBase.scala and a class in another module e.g foo/src/main/test/src/FooTest.scala that extends TestBase
in my build,sbt file I defined :

lazy val lookalikeDateFilter = (project in file("foo"))
  .dependsOn(common % "test->test;compile->compile") 

This works fine when running sbt clean compile
how ever when running sbt clean assembly I see error messages as if the dependencies such as

    foo/FooTest.scala  value should is not a member of String
    [error]   "Some test" should { 

what am I doing wrong ?

found it, my bad (of course) the project structure of common was incorrect the test lib was under main and not under src which caused me a lot of pain till I figured it out :slight_smile: