Mailing list mode issues


I have configured mailing list mode with “send me an email for every new post”, but the last new mail from this forum in my inbox is from 9/18, i.e. 7 days ago. Before that the flow of incoming messages seemed ok, and I’m not aware of having changed anything. I have checked my configuration settings, spam folder, etc. and couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary. Any idea what could be wrong?

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P.S.: While I’m at it: I am pretty unhappy with this forum software, compared to the old gmane NNTP interface: There have been delivery hickups (shorter than one week) previously, threading doesn’t seem to work properly, the plain text rendering of quotes/markup is terrible to read, etc. I don’t expect this minory report to change anything, but in previous discussions it was said that there’s been mostly positive feedback regarding the switch, so I guess won’t hurt if I put my negative feedback on the record, just for the sake of balance.

Hi Patrick, email delivery is complex and I can’t really offer any ideas (maybe the admins can), but regarding plaintext rendering of markup, have you had a look at the Discourse bug tracker to see if it’s been reported? Otherwise, you could report it too.

Same problem.

I enable mailing list mode for both users and contributors. But all I receive are from contributors forum, which gave me a illusion that there are only contributors.:sweat_smile:

I really want to know what you guys are doing but don’t want to check this forum every day.

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You could also subscribe to either toplevel threads or all posts, using RSS:

<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="Latest posts" href="" />
<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="Latest topics" href="" />

I’m doing this now and can confirm that I’m getting new posts almost immediately. Most modern mail readers have some feed reader functionality built in, if you don’t want to use a feed reader app.

Thanks for the suggestions! I’m afraid I won’t be able to summon the motivation to write up detailed reports for a bunch of issues that, if fixed, will only duct-tape a few holes in something that still won’t feel convenient to use to me at all (and that replaced another thing that worked just fine for me).

As for the RSS feed: Yes, this way I seem to be getting newer messages to my mail client, thanks! I’ll see how this works for me - but it already feels like a far cry even from the “mailing list” mode. So I guess in the end I’ll just keep my account and may crash here via web interface if I have a question, but won’t be reading along on a regular basis.