Latest release: Scala 2.12.12


on, it is said that the latest release of Scala is 2.12.12. Why is it not 2.13.3, or soon 2.13.4? Did someone just forget to update the entry, or is there another reason? Version 2.13.3 is considered stable, isn’t it?
Thank you.

Ah, perhaps I understand it now. It’s chronologically ordered, and it just happens that version 2.12.12 was the latest upload, on July, 13.
Very confusing.

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Because it is the most recently released version. I guess that GitHub just automatically tags the most recently released version as latest.

Scala 2.12 still receives updates after the release of 2.13.0. But 2.13.3 is the “best” release if we assume that every update is an improvement.

Thank you, that question of mine was really stupid.

(I’ve been tripped up by this in other repos — I’m sure we’re not the only two.)