Job listings policy?

What is the policy for people posting jobs or similar content here? We’ve had two postings about a single job board by (seemingly) two different users within the space of a week. Should this be controlled? I propose a monthly jobs thread like on Hacker News.

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Thank you for asking this.

I myself have been very curious about this, since i am definitely
interested in hiring talented scala engineers but am hesitant to work with
an entity that might be misusing this forum.


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This is answered at :

Employers and job seekers can find each other in the scala/job-board Gitter room.
Job listings are not allowed in our other forums and chat rooms.

That it doesn’t also say so under somewhere seems like a bug to me.

That seems like a good idea to me. What do others think?

IMO the monthly thread makes sense for HN, since it doesn’t have a tagging system, and because comment activity doesn’t bump a thread (that’s handled separately by the voting system).

Why not just add a separate Jobs category, that users can blacklist or subscribe to as they wish, depending on their employment situation?

OK, a Jobs category would be a better idea than a monthly job thread I guess. But best of all would be sticking to the existing community guidelines that all job postings stay in the job board Gitter. Let’s try to keep that going since it’s already a rule.