Java records in mixed Java/Scala 3 project

I see that support for Java records was added in 2.13.7. However, I’m still running into troubles in 3.1.1 (sbt 1.6.2):

[error] -- Error: /.../src/main/java/ ------------------
[error] 1 |public record Foo(int value) {
[error]   |              ^^^
[error]   |              illegal start of type declaration

Is this something that’s supposed to be working? I couldn’t find a related issue on GitHub.
Note that the code works in 2.13.8, and also in 3.1.1 if all the Scala code is removed (i.e., as a pure Java project).

They are different codebases evolving at different rates in different directions, so I think that hasn’t been forward-ported yet.

Understood. Do you know if there is a ticket somewhere I can track? Records were finalized in Java 16 (and 18 is out!). It’s only been a year, but it’s a bit annoying not to have them. (I have several projects in Java with tests in Scala, so I may care more about Java support than other Scala developers.)

I’ve opened Support parsing record classes in Java source files · Issue #14846 · lampepfl/dotty · GitHub.

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There were PRs for triple quote strings and records. I’ll start with a swing at triple quotes, in case that is easier. As usual, the hard part is the test.

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The question is how scalac parses java source in mixed compilation. Otherwise, scalac assumes the available javac consumes java source.

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