Is ready to be announced?

As the only post (besides this one at the time of writing) apparently is about Code of Conduct on Nov '16 I wonder if this is waiting for some official go live before being announced to the world.

I always felt Scala would benefit from some kind of central hub for it’s community in the way this site has the potential to be.


We haven’t yet announced this forum yet. We wanted to see how it would work first at and then if successful, migrate scala-users to Given the success of, I expect in the coming weeks or months we’ll be switching over as well :slight_smile:


an announcement has now gone out to scala-user, here:!topic/scala-user/ytJ8p0ywls8

The categories still look a bit random to me ( - or should people use “Uncategorized” for their generic Scala questions? The “about this category” post in “Announce” has some generic text (About the Announce category).

Yeah, the categories are still the generic categories. Which categories should we have then?

PS, I think “Uncategorized” shouldn’t be permitted…

Agree on disallowing “Uncategorized”, I asked for this on the other forum :slight_smile:

Which categories to have is not obvious, maybe start a thread on that question?

I’d add “questions”, “syntax”, “announce”, “libraries”, “platform” for a starter, more will come to mind

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Ok done. I added all of those except for platform, only because I guess platform-related posts should be on I’ve also required that all posts have a category now.

That said, if there are any categories you guys think we should add, just say the word!

Any way to get the email delay down? It’s looking like ~12 minutes of delay between a post appearing here and it actually appearing in my inbox.