Inundated by 'Documentation' category issues



We seem to have been overtaken by an avalanche of “Documentation” issues. They don’t seem to be questions but messages that have been generated automatically. If so, is their anyway we can avoid this? Additionally, their does not seem to be a way to filter categories so that I can see all but some sub-set of these categories. If it is possible, can any one tell me how to do this?




I don’t know for sure, but I think this is an English-language forum. At
least, I don’t recall people posting in anything other than English.

Therefore, should we really be dumping the non-English documentation on

 Best, Oliver


Is this documentation-spam something ‘official’ or the result of a failed chatbot-experiment ?
As this flood started about a week ago and no one seems to react to it I anticipated that this was some weird approach to trigger user responses.


I think it’s because of this issue. Don’t know why the documentation spam is necessary though.


It is possible to manually mute the whole “Documentation” category: in your user Preferences, scroll down to the Categories section and add “Documentation” to the list of Muted topics.

It would probably be better if it was hidden by default for everyone though.


FYI – this documentation flood is temporary. We’re working on it! We’re sorry – we’re tortured by this as well. More details here:

We essentially connected to so documentation-related questions and discussions could be hosted on but be shown on Theoretically a good idea.

Long story short, when you embed Discourse in a website (which is a supported feature of Discourse), something weird happens. When people visit pages with embedded Discourse comments, the first time a user loads the page after embedded Discourse has been added, a thread is automatically created on that corresponds to that documentation page.

This is nuts, and I’ve reported it as a bug to the Discourse people. What would make more sense is a new thread created when someone attempts to leave a comment on that page.

In any case, @gourlaysama, thank you for the idea to mute. I’ll do that now and when this is resolved, hopefully globally unmuting will make it useful again.


The documentation category should now be muted for everybody. :crossed_fingers:


@heather.miller I noticed that non-authenticated users still see the posts from the “Documentation” category. I had to register on this forum to be able to browse it productively. Is it possible to mute the offending posts for anonymous users too?



I’m still receiving Doc messages by e-mail. Is this going to stop? Thanks!

 Best, Oliver


I am logged in and still seeing them.


I believe the storm of doc topics is over :slightly_smiling_face: