Installing sdk and sbt locally

I’m a mac user, and I need to install sbt on a linux machine in our cloud as a mortal user. I tried the following but sdk command is not found.

$ sdk list java
$ sdk install java 11.0.4.hs-adpt
$ sdk install sbt

This was the recommendation from
Any recommendations.

sdk is provided by sdkman

Looks like i can install sdk using curl, but curl appears to not be available either in the container I’m running in. Maybe it’s impossible to do as a mortal user. I’ll talk to the sys admin.

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fwiw, on my Mac I just use install everything (including sbt and curl) with brew (, I don’t have sdkman installed. I think this is common

for installing Java, brew cask can do that

(I don’t doubt sdkman has strengths too, but I just want to be clear that it really isn’t required)