Industrial and/or Open Source presentations/writings welcome at Scala'17

Hi folks,

If you’ve got something interesting you think is worth presenting at the Scala Symposium (the forum for cutting edge work going on in and with Scala), consider submitting it to the Scala Symposium.

I know we’ve posted a wordy call for papers, but I just wanted to highlight that the symposium is for anything that’s pushing the limits in Scala. Be it some fancy use of langauge features, or somebody developing the next JSON parsing library to rule them all. Maybe you have some benchmark showing some class of situations where the Scala compiler is slow that isn’t widely known, or perhaps you’ve got an empirical study showing that some language feature in Scala is either helpful or a hinderance. Maybe you’ve got a cool new macro library that does something we should all know about. The limits are endless of what could be presented!

So, if you’ve got something you’d like to present, please consider submitting!
Wordy CFP: Scala Symposium 2017 (22-23 Oct, Vancouver): Call for Papers (extended deadline)

Oh, and BS/MS and PhD students are eligible for travel scholarships.

Any questions, feel free to ask :slightly_smiling_face:



Hi Heather, same question as always. If I were to give a talk which conferences would I have to register for, how much do they cost, and how do I go about doing it? I can’t find any of this information on any of the sites. This always seems to be a problem with academic conferences.


Scala’17 co-organizer here, I can try to answer (and will try to clarify on website soon).

Because we’re colocated with SPLASH’17, you’ll need to register with them ( Info will appear at their website (they only list the venue for now:

Prices/registration links are not up yet, but I expect they should be broadly similar to last year’s (—the conference fee for the two days of Scala’17 was 500 USD (with discounts possible for students or ACM/SIGPLAN members). There’s also financial support for students.

Thanks, I know it’s not your fault … CUFP has the same issue every year. But if anyone asks why there isn’t more enthusiasm from industry this is among the reasons.

Hi Rob, I’m happy to inform the academic organizers of the issue. Maybe they can improve things. Though, concretely can I ask what would you like to see changed?

Since academic conferences co-locate, they tend to have one registration site for the group of co-located conferences. So there’s not a whole lot that I can convince them to change on the registration site point. So is the problem that there’s no link on the Scala’17 site to the registration system? That can be easily remedied by us if that’s the main issue you see. Happy to do that.

What would you like to see done differently?


Yeah I don’t expect the big conf to change anything. But I think an explanation on the CFP and Scala Symposium pages saying that you must register for Splash (which you can’t do yet but it will cost approximately ___ ) would be helpful.


Thanks Rob, for the suggestion! We added the information that you asked for on the Scala Symposium pages. I hope this will help people to make a more informed decision about attending the symposium.


Perfect! That’s exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

We got some update on the registration fees, which are now fixed with 99% certainty :slight_smile: – please check the symposiums page for the updated figures.

Yay! It’s cheaper than before! :smile:

I just noticed SPLASH has published its prices on and they have been updated (ehm, raised) from the information we had got received—still cheaper than 2016 though. I’ve updated accordingly.

Also, SPLASH registration is now open — and the early bird rate is still available up to this Friday!

EDIT: to clarify, I’m sorry the mistaken information was up till now, I hope it wasn’t too misleading.