Implicit class for Any and/or generic type


What do people think of that:

object Foo {

  implicit class AnythingImplicits[A](a: A /* TODO: or best use Any? */) {
    def then[B](f: A =B) = f(a) // or maybe "chain"?

  val studies: Seq[Study] =

  // ...

I find it easier to use than nesting the calls, especially if I often need to comment out certain steps (I can then just comment out the relevant line in the chain). I do worry about a performance penalty though…

Thoughts anyone? Does it exist in a library somewhere?


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EDIT2: removed noise from example


Yep, this is fine, and it’s a thing! It’s called the thrush combinator. It’s provided by scalaz and by mouse (for cats) as |>.

scala> def add1(n: Int) = n + 1
add1: (n: Int)Int

scala> def twice(n: Int) = n * 2
twice: (n: Int)Int

scala> 3 |> add1 |> twice |> add1
res1: Int = 9

You do want to use [A] in your implementation, otherwise f would need to accept Any.


Interesting, thanks! also I didn’t know about the mouse/cats libraries, so it’s good to know. I do find symbols like “|>” pretty off-putting though, I really wish they’d also offer a more explicit counterpart…


Mouse also calls it thrush and scalaz also calls it … neither is terribly enlightening.


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