Implicit a power house of scala

Yes, implicit for many users at first may seem very confusing but I want to thank Scala designers for keeping such a powerful tool that I think makes Scala really very scalable and it makes Scala different from Java. It is implicit which makes codes clear, easy to use framework to the clients.
Thank U Scala for implicit.


I like implicits a lot. I very much appreciate how implicits enable
basically a replacement of Java’s Spring IoT craziness. Also, implicit
methods – these are the absolute bomb for code organization and
simplification. Sure, it can be abused and you can really twist yourself
into knots (which I have done more than once). However, the overall the
time and complexity saving vs. not having implicits? Humongous.

Brian Maso

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Implicit is obviously necessary for time and complexity saving.

Implicits in Scala are like a car that can drive three times as fast but
requires ten times as much fuel per mile.

I respect your opinion. But it is very useful for building very powerful library or framework. People need nice library and framework if they need to speed up their productions.
To me implicit is an art of programming. It is a magic. Look at this image

It is a populer expression of Albert Einstein you will find in internet.
In the right hand side we see **6**. Really it is very confusing, but in Scala by implicit it is an art.
We can find it in the use of implicit like-
Actually I am not displaying any math but I am just meaning the power of implicit. It is hiding the complex things from your workplace. That is why implicit is a magic.