Idiomatic Scala 3 Examples at Scale

Hi there! I am getting up to speed with Scala 3 and curious if there are any example projects written in (arguably) idiomatic Scala 3 that represent intermediate/everyday coding without too much advanced typing. Having concrete and idiomatic examples would be very helpful to see certain features in practice. Thanks!

Have a look at my repo for “Programming Scala, Third Edition”, which is almost entirely Scala 3 code.

You won’t find many comments, though, because the examples are explained in the book :smile:


I appreciate you sharing this reference, this is very nice of you! Though, as you mentioned it does not appear there a ton of comments which make the comprehension process a bit viscous. I have already invested in Programming in Scala so unfortunately don’t think I will be buying the Programming Scala book at the moment. Again, thanks for the suggestion!

check out the “Advent of Code” solutions the Scala Center published recently: