Idea with Java9 installing scala got stuck,help!

I try to install scala using idea. First I successfully installed scala plugin, but later when I try to create a project and install scala SDK, I got stuck. Some people say I have to change to Java9. Is there another solution? Has anyone met the same problem? Thanks deeply.

Not sure what the problem is, but for sure you don’t need Java 9, indeed there might even be problems with Java 9, I would stay at 8 or 7 (you need 8 if you’re project uses Scala 2.12). The standard downloads for IntelliJ will be bundled with a JDK 8 AFAIK.

Perhaps trying to set the sbt version explicitly. Create C:/Users/haiaho/AppData/Local/Temp/sbt-project/project/ with the contents


Then try refreshing the project in IntelliJ (or just quit and restart). Given that the window says “Error Downloading Scala 2.12.4”, perhaps it was just a temporary network problem?