I want to write my thesis about Scala

Hello everyone!

My name is Camilo, I’m a software engineer from Chile and also a student of CS MS degree. My interest areas are Programming language theory, logic, and Software engineering, so I’m seeking a topic for my thesis about Scala.

What advice do you give me?

Many thanks to you all.

The question is very, very broad. There’s 10,000 things you could write about. Can you help us narrow it down?

Do you have some experience with Scala? It might be best to pick a topic that grows out of whatever your existing involvement or experience with the language is.

Do you want to write some code? If you got involved with an existing open source project (there are tons of them and nearly all of them strive to accommodate and be welcoming to new contributors) you could get involved with, and have your thesis topic come out of that.

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I’m sorry for not be specific. My question focus on state-of-the-art in Scala, I’m studying Programming Language Design, writing compilers, DSL, and those things.

I question here because is a forum Scala and maybe some knowledge about current state-of-the-art. I want to focus my thesis on research area as PL design and Compilers.

For example, design a DSL into Scala with domain “X”, Can be an interesting topic? or there other topics more relevant to contribute to Scala.

Of course, I have experience as Scala developer using apache spark, hadoop, etc. Current I work in a “big data” team.

DSLs and Scala? That’s a huge topic in EPFL. Loads of theses on it. You might want to start from that of Gilles Dubochet [1] or Eugene BURMAKO [2], for example. And, if you’d also be interested in an unorthodox viewpoint, you might want to try my thesis [3].

From what I understand, this topic is so broad that if you don’t narrow down the domain, even an extensive survey could constitute a good Master’s thesis.

Good luck,

[1] https://infoscience.epfl.ch/record/163536/files/EPFL_TH5007.pdf

[2] https://infoscience.epfl.ch/record/226166/files/EPFL_TH7159.pdf

[3] https://tubdok.tub.tuhh.de/bitstream/11420/1220/1/Thesis.pdf

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You can help me with writing / documenting my library

which is about a DSL in the domain of programs themselves.
It is written in Dotty. I did not write any property checking code yet.
Something worth to investigate.
Especially because you will first have to contribute to the community to make ScalaCheck (or something similar, for example,. the property checking code in https://www.manning.com/books/functional-programming-in-scala) available for Dotty.

You might look at https://github.com/lampepfl/dotty/issues?q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+sort%3Acomments-desc for ideas. Note the sort order — you can see which issues have attracted a lot of attention. You might play with different search options, like showing closed issues too.

In general, Dotty is where the research-iest stuff is happening, which is why I’m suggesting you look at that repo. (But I see no reason to rule out doing something in the Scala 2 context, if you have a suitable idea.)

Designing a DSL sounds like a good use of Scala but wouldn’t necessarily constitute “contribute to Scala”, except in the broad sense of contributing to the Scala community. Not sure if that meets your goals or not.

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