I created a xml library to make the use of the standard library easier

Hey everybody,

as the title says, I created a library, to make operations with scala-xml just less frustrating.

There was a need in my daily programming work to manipulate xml-structures and the rule transformers were just unbelievably unwieldy, so I tried to write something that addresses that. The other thing I am trying to achieve is a simple saving mechanism. I don’t want to think about parsing, encoding or decoding objects, so I added functionality to basically safe and load any object.

Have there been libraries to do the same? Yes.

Though up till now they never really made anything easier and just increased the dependencies in the project.

The main goal was to make the use as easy as possible, without use of external libraries and with extensive code documentation.

The documentation hopefully helps others in creating similar things with macros or reflections.

Please check it out! ( …and if somebody knows how to use GitHub Packages, please instruct me. That would be helpful for this library)

Link to library:


If you want another way to get the word out, we’d accept a PR in the scala/scala-xml repo that added a “related projects” section, or some such, to the repo README


That sounds nice, i think i will do that the next time I am on my home pc. Thank you for the offer!

@SethTisue thanks again for the suggestion. The section is now added at https://github.com/scala/scala-xml

If somebody knows about a similar library, you can add them now with a pull request.


After finally resolving issues with sona-type, this library can be found here: