I am a technical writer, and would love to document the APIs for free. Can anyone advice?

I am a technical writer with proficiency in creating user-manuals and user-guides. However, I would like to start documenting APIs so as to provide the end-users with more value. I would like to start for free!

Hi! Are you looking for open source libraries to contribute to, or Scala std lib APIs? There are tons of open source Scala projects out there that would benefit from more or better documentation…

best, …h.h…

Any platform would work for me as long as it’s for API and for my betterment.

I’m fairly bad at documentation and could really need some documentation
for Delta:

The biggest benefit in my opinion would be in the most general purpose
area. Also, IMO API docs are not the place for overly verbose explanations
– they should be short and to the point, relying on a separate
documentation that conveys the necessary concepts. So I think the biggest
benefit would be in explaining the concepts in the language and library.
There’s a lot of such material on docs.scala-lang.org, and I believe they
recently were redone, but I think they can still use a lot of help. I still
feel like for people not familiar with Scala, it’s not easy to find easy to
understand resources.

I can certainly help. How can we connect?


Or you can send me a PM on twitter @nilskp