How to use String.find and exists method?

def exists(p: Char => Boolean): Boolean

def find(p: Char => Boolean): Option[Char]

I am not sure about the arguments declaration above. can you help give an example?


BTW, I want to achieve this purpose:

scala> implicit class foo(s:String) {
     |   def grep(x:String):Boolean = { 
     |    val pat = x.r.unanchored
     |    if (pat.matches(s)) true else false
     |   }
     | }
class foo

scala> "hello".grep("lo")
val res10: Boolean = true

but I don’t know what’s the usage of “find” and “exists”. So I am asking here.

As their signature shows, find and exists work on the Char level, they can be used to check if any single character in the string fulfills a condition.

For your purpose, there isn’t a method doing exactly the same. String has a matches method, that takes a regex string, but it isn’t interpreted as unanchored.

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As your example, I would rather use contains here.

scala> "hello".contains("lo")
val res3: Boolean = true

find and exists is applied to something like Seq or List.

scala> List(2,3,4).find(_ == 3)
val res5: Option[Int] = Some(3)

scala> List(2,3,4).find(_ == 55)
val res6: Option[Int] = None

scala> List(2,3,4).exists(_ == 4)
val res7: Boolean = true

scala> List(2,3,4).exists(_ == 555)
val res8: Boolean = false

i know contains method but which is not I am looking for.

scala> "data2world".grep("""\d""")
val res0: Boolean = true

String has also find() and exists() methods. Ok I know their usage now.

scala> "hello".exists(_ == 'o')
val res4: Boolean = true

scala> "hello".find(_ == 'o')
val res5: Option[Char] = Some(o)