How to reference a type alias in Scaladoc docstrings?

Suppose I have this piece of code in Scala 3.1.2:

 * This is a type.
type TryMe = Int => Int

 * This case class has its own doc page, and asks for a [[TryMe]] function.
 * @param x a function
final case class Something(x: TryMe)

If I generate the Scaladoc API site using the doc SBT task, TryMe doesn’t have its own doc page, unlike the Something case class. There once was a tag called @documentable, but as far as I know it’s no longer present in Scala 3.
In the case class’s page, I can click on the TryMe type inside its signature, but the same isn’t true when I reference it inside the docstring using a wiki tag (i.e. [[TryMe]]).

Is this behaviour intended? Can I fix it? Is it a Scaladoc bug?