How to read audio files

I wanna read an audio file
in python i would go about it like this :

import soundfile as sf 
def read_sound(file_name: str):

    if file_name.endswith(".flac"):

      with open(file_name, "rb") as f:

          speech, sample_rate =

    elif file_name.endswith(".wav"):

      speech, sample_rate =


just ignore the other code , I just want to be able to get the output like this :


Java provides API for reading sound files, an official guide is here: Java Sound Programmer Guide

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how would i import this in scala

You can read any file in Scala:
val myAudio =“file.wav”)

What you want to do with the file? Stream audio over Internet, store in a database, convert into different format, indeed play it via Bluetooth using AAC codec? Your question is unclear.

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I just wanna be able to read it’s data in the format i showed above idk much about sound files so idk what it’s called but i wanna be ablel to read the data like i am doing above in python then i will normalize using some scala code i wrote and then i will pass it to a model then i will tokenize and finally decode it i prolly messsed up the sequence tho

Then you need to study formats of audio files and decode stream of raw bytes into stream of Floats accordingly. You can also use rich Java library recommended by @jpsacha, you can import it in Scala using “import” statement.
Good luck!