How to get started with real time projects for beginners

Hello, as I’m new to Scala programming I’d like to learn it by doing some interesting projects with Play framework. Any suggestions?

What have you tried so far? Which documentation, books, tutorials, etc. have you read so far? Watched any videos? Tried out any Scala libraries or frameworks so far? We’d need to know more to make a recommendation.

Yes, I do read the book Programming in Scala third edition by Martin Odersky, watching the videos by Mark C Lewis, Reading some contents on Oreilly and no I didn’t tried any of the Scala frameworks so far. I’m good at my basics.

How are you with your client side programming? What web programming have you done previously?

If you are good with your basics then I can recommend reading the Play Framework documentation, it is pretty good and their sample projects should be good to get you started.

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Thanks mate! will check it out.