How do you profile scala native?

I tried to use perf with scala native following this tutorial with scala 3.2.2 but got this useless result :

How can I make it show the name of the methods ? Is this not working because I’m using a binding to a cpp library ? You can find Github repo of the project here. The project depends on clang and sfml.
Also I’m running on WSL2 which might be the issue ? :

sudo perf record -F 1000 -a -g ./target/scala-3.2.2/projet_prog_2-out 
sudo perf script > out.perf
~/git/hub/FlameGraph/ out.perf > out.folded
~/git/hub/FlameGraph/ out.folded > kernel.svg

I’m not sure about the WSL2, but when running natively on and though using MSVC (it’s used internally by clang) with LTO enabled I could observe that compiler was removing the symbols info. Maybe you can try to specify the additional -g setting in nativeConfig.{compiler, linker}Settings, but I’m not sure it would help