How do you call Predef.?


Quick and silly question.

I’m wondering how I should pronounce Predef.???
Is there a non-documented nickname for it?
I couldn’t find any in the API scaladoc and topic is hard to search on forums :slight_smile:
“Triple question mark” isn’t quite satisfying.
“Nothing” would be misleading.



Since a question mark is also called a “query”, “triple query” would be

I would go with “triple question mark,” not sure what you don’t like about it.

If you call it Nothing you might end up with a bit of a who’s on first routine… :smiley: “What’s that symbol?” “Nothing.” …

In the spirit of SIP 23 – increasing the symmetry between the term language and the type language, it would be an interesting thought experiment to have a literal Nothing value (instead of ???). Like def unimplemented: Nothing = Nothing (I say thought experiment, because I don’t think there’s any chance of that actually happening.)

I’m teaching Scala to french undergraduate students.
In french, ??? reads “Trois points d’interrogation”.
It takes time to pronounce, which is sad, although bearable.
I wish there was a quick, one-or-two-syllable-name for it. Too bad.

Why not call it the debtor, as it clearly identifies something that we have to fix in the future - a technical debt.

And debtor would fit so nicely into functor, monad and all that stuff.