How do I locate API docs of Rich Wrapper classes in Version 2.13.1?

I can find the Rich Wrapper classes in Version 2.12 with no problem,

Rich Wrapper classes in Version 2.12

but where do those locate at in Version 2.13.1?

Scala Standard Library 2.13.1

If there is no scala.runtime.Rich* classes in Version 2.13.1, how can objects with basic types implicitly convert to Rich classes?

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I agree with you abut 2.12. I am a late entrant to 2.13. I will do some digging on your question…

It seems there’s some ScalaDoc generation issue. scala.runtime.RichInt exists both in:

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After unzipping the scala-library.jar(Version 2.13.1) in $SCALA_HOME/lib, there still exists scala/runtime/RichInt.class.

Version 2.13.1:
scala> (-1).abs
res0: Int = 1

The abs method, which is in scala.runtime.RichInt, works.
Yet there’s no package scala.runtime in the latest API docs.

File a bug here:

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