Get Programming with Scala

Is anyone following the deveopment of the Get Programming with Scala book from Manning Publications? It is not clear to me whether the book is finished. It is marked as “all chapters available”, but I’m not sure that means the book is finished. I.e., will the hard copy by a cleaned up version with extra glue/intro/conclusion added? Or is the author waiting feedback to make final corrections before final hardcopy publication?

It is not finished. The draft is available through the Manning Early Access Program (MEAP). The page says publication for that book is estimated May 2021.

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Note that Manning MEAPs are, by definition, pre-publication in various states. I’ve often bought a MEAP several years before it finally got published – if this one is expected in May, that suggests that it’s probably relatively close to final form.

For me the interesting part of this publication is indeed the latter chapters, handling JSON and Concurrency.

The book already contains chapters on
Concurrency using Futures and IO
Deserialization of json using Circe.

As far as I remember, the book full content should already be there.
They should be heading to finalising it for printing, cleaning up.