Get a constructor argument name for a given object instance

Is there a way to generically implement the following (using java reflection)?

class Bar
class Foo {
  def getName(param : Bar) : String = ???
class MyFoo(a : Bar, b : Bar, c : Bar, d : Bar)  extends Foo
object A extends Bar
object B extends Bar
object C extends Bar
object D extends Bar
new Foo(A, B, C, D).getName(C) //prints "c"

I want get the constructor argument name according to the object fed as param

No, if it’s only a constructor parameter, the instance doesn’t retain any reference to the argument. You would need to make them vals and then compare the values and match up the field names with the parameter names.

OK, thanks.

Depending on how much you want the constructor parameter name, you can use to fish it out of the bytecode. That’s how jackson-module-scala does it to serialize classes to JSON using the constructor parameter names