Futures and Promises libraries for Scala

Hey, Scala has its own futures and promises standard library which came from Akka futures?
I have also found futures and promises in Twitter’s util library https://twitter.github.io/util/guide/util-cookbook/futures.html#

Has this been formerly part of Finagle and then moved to the util library or has Finagle custom futures and promises?

Are there any more libraries for futures and promises in Scala?
This list was empty (except for the standard library): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Futures_and_promises#List_of_implementations
I have added Twitter’s util library. I could also add https://github.com/scala/scala-async

I’d like to compare the different libraries.

Well, be careful that you’re not comparing apples and oranges. For example, scala-async isn’t really a Future/Promise library – it’s a layer of syntax on top of standard-library Futures. Same underlying tech, but a different way of structuring code for it.

Broadly speaking, most folks who use Futures use the standard library implementation nowadays. There are a substantial number of alternate implementations of ExecutionContext, but that’s still within the stdlib architecture.

And many folks, especially in the FP community, eschew Futures for the most part, in favor of abstractions such as Tasks instead – to understand this approach, you may want to look into Monix, ZIO and/or cats-effect.


I know that scala-async is just another layer but I am also interested into such libraries.
Thanks for the answer.