Functional Conf 2022 - 24-26 March online (IST)

Functional Conf is an online event for anyone using functional programming - whether you’re a beginner or advanced. It’s a great opportunity to hear from world-class speakers and meet up with others using FP in the wild.

Check out these exciting Scala talks, including a keynote on Scala 3 by Dean Wampler at Functional Conf next week. You can view the schedule and register here.

Dean Wampler - Lessons Learned from 15 Years of Scala in the Wild
Debasish Ghosh - Functional Programming patterns for designing modular abstractions
Ayush Mittal - Type classes in Scala 3
Adam Rosien - Concurrent State Machines with Cats Effect
Joydeep Banik Roy - Free Based DSLs For Distributed Compute Engines