Function Applicative Functor in Haskell and Scala

If you wonder what the Applicative instance for functions looks like and what you can do with it, then take a look at this.

Function Applicative for Great Good of Palindrome Checker Function - Polyglot FP for Fun and Profit – Haskell and Scala - Embark on an informative and fun journey through everything you need to know to understand how the Applicative instance for functions makes for a terse palindrome checker function definition in point-free style.


Great stuff. Is a video recording of this available online?

Hello @Hossein - thank you very much for your feedback :pray: - this is an infodeck rather than a slideument :slightly_smiling_face: (…) so sadly there is currently no video to go with it :cry:. I hope you still find it useful.

So sad. Maybe you’ll do one some day in near future?

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maybe - thanks :+1: - the idea of the deck is that it is just meant to be read and should contain everything needed to follow - my presence should ideally be superfluous

I wouldn’t quite say so. Reading over lunch isn’t as pleasant to me as watching a video, after all. :slight_smile:

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lunch? no, I agree with you. I don’t mind reading the newspaper while I eat, but I wouldn’t read a slide deck, not even mine! :grinning: