Full schedule for Compose 2019 [NYC, June 24-25] now available

The practice and craft of functional programming :: Conference

Compose is a conference for typed functional programmers.

  • Invited Keynotes

Donya Quick - Making Algorithmic Music
David Spivak - Compositional Graphical Logic

  • Accepted Talks and Tutorials

Kenny Foner - Functors of the World, Unite!
Phillip Carter - The anatomy of the F# tools for Visual Studio
Sebastien Mondet - Genspio: Generating Shell Phrases In OCaml
Justin Le - Applicative Regular Expressions using the Free Alternative
Gaetano Checinski - Buckaroo SAT - Solving a partially revealed SAT
problem for Package Management
Richard Feldman - From Rails to Elm and Haskell
Samuel Gélineau - Stuck macros: deterministically interleaving
macro-expansion and typechecking
Vaibhav Sagar - Yes, IHaskell Can Do That!
Fintan Halpenny - Bowl Full of Lentils
Aditya Siram - A Tase Of ATS
Ward Wheeler, Alex Washburn, Callan McGill - Phylogenetic Software in Haskell
Igor Trindade Oliveira - Type Driven Secure Enclave Development using Idris
David Christiansen - Bidirectional Type Checking
Chris Smith - Teaching the intersection of mathematics and functional
Brandon Kase - Fast Accumulation on Streams
James Koppel - The Best Refactoring You’ve Never Heard Of
Allister Beharry - Using Dependent Types in an F# DSL for Linear Algebra
Diego Balseiro - Bridge Haskell and ReasonML in Production

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