First steps in a x-platform actor system

As a result of discussions in the thread Return of the Scala Actor i decided to give it a spin of my own. The result is the first release of a typed actor system that runs on the JVM, JS and Native alike: Leucine. It has a MIT license. I will use it (in due time) to replace Akka in my projects and i hope it is useful for others as well. Of course, there is a lot to wish for, this is version 0.1.0. But at least is runs a TCP time server and some other small stuff. Have fun!


Half a year after I started this project, it is coming in its “final” first phase (now version 0.6.0). All the features I needed have been coded and I have successfully migrated one of my projects from AkkaJS to Leucine and will soon start with the others. Hopefully this work is of use for others as well.