Finite state machines ala Odersky

Some time ago I followed the several Scala courses on Coursera. The first was narrated by Odersky. During the course he made a really nice lecture about how to implement finite state machines functionally. It was extremely elegant.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Does anyone know whether something similar to this Coursera lecture is available in a format either written or on video which is not behind the Coursera pay wall and which can be used with a liberal use license.

If the license is too restrictive, I’d still like to have access to the material for my own benefit to better learn the material before trying to present it to students.

I haven’t seen that particular lecture, but I can strongly recommend the treatment this receives in the “Functional Programming in Scala” book.

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I read that book some time ago,but I never thought of the state class described therein was related to finite state machines. Are these really finite automata which are subject to operations such as reduction, pruning, intersection, emptyness checks, synchronized products, etc?

I’ve take a look through the coursera videos and I don’t find the lecture anywhere. Perhaps it was taken out? That’s a shame, because when I saw the concept the first time, I was impressed.