Example of Scala + OpenJFX projet using Mill?

Does anyone have an example of a project using OpenJFX using Mill?
I would like to use it to set-up my own work seeing as I cannot get it to work.


I have one here: https://github.com/guilgaly/itunes-dap-sync

I haven’t touched it in a while, but it worked fine back then. It looks like I last updated for OpenJFX 12. It also used ScalaFX.

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@guilgaly Thank you. I have taken part of your build file and it seems to be standard. No module magic. So I created a mini example here. Seems like after Mill 0.5.3, this set-up doesn’t work. This may be related to this issue.

One thing I did notice though is that running the class marked as the main class so:

./mill -i javafx.runMain Main
./mill -i javafx.run

executes correctly. But running another class:

./mill -i javafx.runMain helloworld.HelloWorld

fails. Does this ring any bells?

Did you have any issues that you recall that could help? Any problems with artifact downloading? I am assuming that you did not set-up and use modules. Can you confirm?


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