error while compling

warn] There may be incompatibilities among your library dependencies; run ‘evicted’ to see detailed eviction warnings.
[info] Compiling 314 Scala sources and 3 Java sources to /home//intellij workspace//target/scala-2.13/classes …
[error] /home//intellij workspace//src/main/scala//core/controller/AccountController.scala:181:38: type mismatch;
[error] found : (String, String, Option[String], Option[String], Boolean, String, Option[String]) => AccountControllerBase.this.RepositoryCreationForm
[error] required: (String, String, String, Option[String], Boolean, String, Option[String]) => ?
[error] )(factory = RepositoryCreationForm.apply)
[error] ^
[error] /home//intellij workspace/gitstudio/src/main/scala/gitbucket/core/model/Repository.scala:63:26: type mismatch;
[error] found : String
[error] required: Option[String]
[error] repository._3,
[error] ^
[error] /home//intellij workspace//src/main/scala//core/model/Repository.scala:82:19: type mismatch;
[error] found : Option[String]
[error] required: String
[error] r.projectName,
[error] ^
[error] /home//intellij workspace//src/main/scala//core/model/Repository.scala:57:18: polymorphic expression cannot be instantiated to expected type;
[error] found : [R]slick.lifted.MappedProjection[R,((String, String, String, Boolean, Option[String], String, java.util.Date, java.util.Date, java.util.Date, Option[String], Option[String], Option[String], Option[String]), (String, Option[String], String, Option[String], Boolean, String, String))]
[error] required: slick.lifted.ProvenShape[gitbucket.core.model.Repository]
[error] ).shaped.<>(
[error] ^
[error] four errors found
[error] (Compile / compileIncremental) Compilation failed
[error] Total time: 30 s, completed 5 Sep, 2020 6:58:50 PM

Did you try reading the error?


As Luis indicates, the error message indicates that you have some types that don’t line up. Since you haven’t shown the code that produces the error, it’s difficult for us to offer advice that is any more specific than “you need to make the types line up to satisfy the compiler”.

Can you be more specific about why you’re stuck on this…?