Coursera scala course uses Scala 2.11.12

I’m taking a look at the Coursera Scala course which I did some time ago. I’ve re-downloaded the exercises from the Coursera site, and it appears the course is still using Scala 2.11.12. Is there any plan to bring this up to a more recent version? Is it a good idea for users to start new projects using 2.11?

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I suspect that this is purely a time-and-money issue (redoing the course likely isn’t cheap), but someone from Scala Center might want to speak up more officially on this…

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According to the Coursera site, 160,000 people have enrolled in the course. It is unclear whether that is enrolled for the course starting January 1st, or whether that is for the history of the course.

I’ve read most people start the course and never finish it for many reasons.

I admit that I didn’t finish the 5th section, the capstone. I just took it until I had enough points to get the certificate. There was really a lot of stuff I didn’t understand at that time. I’d like to go back and finish it now (apparently that’s still allowed by the Coursera software). But I’m not really anxious to fight with Scala 2.11.


We have recently updated all the courses to use Scala 2.13 (except the courses that use Spark, which are still on Scala 2.12).

If you switch to a newer “session” (in Coursera jargon) you should see the new version of the assignments. Please let me know if this doesn’t work.


any idea how to switch “session”. My suspicion is that this is not possible since I paid 2 years ago. From a business point of view, I’m probably not give the option of updates, but continue to have the right to look at the old material.

Not sure whether my guess is correct.

Do you see a banner like this in the course home page?

Or this?

The Coursera Help Center does not say much about it, maybe you should contact the Coursera Staff directly?

Well, I’m having a bit of difficulty navigating the Coursera web page. I chatted with an agent, and she said the Scala course was updated to use 2.12, not 2.13. Is that true? We’re talking about the capstone in particular.

Yes, the capstone project has been updated to Scala 2.12 only in case learners want to use Spark.

have you also included the 2016.csv, 2017.csv, 2018.csv, and 2019.csv files? I’d really love to have the new files.

No, sorry, we haven’t changed the dataset.