Could not find package scala from compiler core libraries

Don’t know exactly what happened. Recently I start switching a project to scala 3.4.1 with sbt 1.9.7. The code gets compiled without a problem, but after adding scalatest, the sbt complains Could not find package scala from compiler myorg libraries. My build.sbt is as below

ThisBuild / organization := "myorg"
ThisBuild / scalaVersion := "3.4.1"

lazy val myorg = (project in file("myorg"))
        scalaVersion := "3.4.1",
        libraryDependencies := Seq(
          "org.scalatest" %% "scalatest" % "3.2.18" % Test

lazy val root = (project in file(".")).dependsOn(myorg)

If I follow scalatest’s instruction where it mentions to use %%%. sbt will complains

build.sbt:8: error: value %%% is not a member of String
    "org.scalatest" %%% "scalatest" % "3.2.18" % Test

How to fix this error? Thanks.

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The %%% is a part of GitHub - portable-scala/sbt-crossproject: Cross-platform compilation support for sbt. API - it’s an sbt plugin allowing for better handling of Scala.js and Scala Native dependencies.
For normal codebases (using only Scala on the JVM) use %%

Quick cheatsheat what %{1, 3} does:
Assume you’re using Scala 3 and Scala Native 0.5

  • "org" % "artifact" % version - would be interpreted directly as `org:artifact:version’ - it can be used for Java dependencies
  • "org" %% "artifact" % version - would be interpreted as`org:artifact_3:version’ - version of library cross compiled for given binary Scala version - normal way of dealing with Scala dependencies
  • "org" %%% "artifact" % version - would be interpreted as`org:artifact_3_native0.5:version’ - version of library cross compiled for both binary versions of Scala and Scala Native/Scala.js - used for Scala Native / Scala.js dependencies

Regarding the Could not find package scala from compiler myorg libraries. - I assume it’s this one exception in the compiler scala3/compiler/src/dotty/tools/dotc/MissingCoreLibraryException.scala at 63810dca83be96b29097acf6c554808932466d1a · scala/scala3 · GitHub

You can check if there might be multiple scala-library entries on the classpath (probably explicit, transitive dependencies would be handled by eviction). Can’t really tell what else might be causing that. There might be also a case, where some syntax issue leads to this exception - you can try to termporaly comment out/delete part of the test sources to try find out which file couses that, altough it seams unlikely



Yes that’s right! Your tests won’t run and it will claim success !!

You’ve let the genie out the bottle now - corporate developers the world over will be celebrating wildly tonight. There’s no going back… :anguished:

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Lol. No tests means no trouble. (Yet…)

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Ok. After battling several days, eventually I find what went wrong. It should be

libraryDependencies ++= Seq( ... )


libraryDependencies := Seq( ... ) 

The assignment := to libraryDependencies leads to this weird error. By the way, this project I don’t use any ScalaJS, Scala Native. It’s simply a plain Scala 3 project; and I merely added a Hello world main and test classes. Many thanks.